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Electronic powder

Code No.: JUP-E01
Formula: (CaSrBa)CO3: ZrO2
Purpose: The material is an electronic emitting material for producing heated cathode in fluorescent lamps.It is a cathode crucial material for low-pressure discharge lamps and light manufacturing. It is formulated into the slurry and coating on the based metal by electrophoresis and dipping method. Through decomposed by heating, the emitting cathode electron rely surplus barium collided with positrons of mercury vapor in the lamp tube produces 253.7nm UV that excite the phosphor in the tube to give off visible light. The end-of-life of lamp depends on the quality of the electronic powder if exclusion of other factors. It is called heart material in light industry.
Technology Index:
1.No visible mechanical impurity is allowed inside the powder
2.No remains through screen 80 interval/cm
3.Median particle diameter: D508.5m
4.BaCO3: CaCO3=56:38:6

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