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Green phosphor JUP-1213

Code No.: JUP-1213

Phosphoric acid, lanthanum salt, cerium terbium-doped

LAP phosphor

Formula: (La,Ce,Tb)PO4:Ce,Tb
CAS No.: 95823-34-0
Purpose: It is white powder. The material is emitted green light excitated by UV ray at 253.7nm. It is the material used as luminophore for manufacturing conventional fluorescent lamp and applications utilizing VUV excitation, including Xe excimer lamps and plasma display panels. It is a main component of tricolor (triband) phosphor for CFL and CCFL lamp.
Technology Index:
1.No visible mechanical impurity is allowed inside the powder
2.No remains through screen 80 interval/cm
3.Density: 5.20.1g/cm³
4.Median particle diameter:D506.00.5m
5.Relative luminosity: 100%
6.Main peak wavelength of the emitting spectrum: 5405nm
7.Color coordinate: x=0.3440.010, y=0.5820.010

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