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Yellow phosphor JUP-1400

Code No.: JUP-1400

Calcium fluorophosphate, manganese and cerium-doped

Formula: Ca3(PO4)2CaF2:Ce,Mn
CAS No.:
Purpose: The material is emitted yellow light  excitated by ultraviolet ray at 253.7nm. It is the material used as luminophore for manufacturing colored fluorescent lamp and neon lamp.
Technology Index:
1.No visible mechanical impurity is allowed inside the powder
2.No remains through screen 80 interval/cm
3.Density: 3.13g/cm³
4.Median particle diameter:D509m
5.Relative luminosity: 100% of the standard sample
6.Main peak wavelength of the emitting spectrum:5685nm
6.Color coordinate: x=0.5050.01, y=0.4400.01

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