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Fluorescent indicator green JUP-P200

Code No.: JUP-P200

Silicic acid (H4SiO4), zinc salt (1:2), manganese-doped;

Fluorescent indicator F254;

Fluorescence indicator green 254 nm;

Fluorescence indicator green 254 nm for thin layer chromatography;

Zinc silicate; AG-G-64987; Zinc orthosilicate; dizinc orthosilicate;

KSC492A6J; CTK3J2064; dizinc; ion (zn2+) orthosilicate;


Formula: Zn2SiO4: Mn
CAS No.: 68611-47-2; 13597-65-4
EINECS No.: 271-896-0
Purpose: It is the material used as luminophore for tagging and identification, paper industrial, thin-layer chromatography plate (TLC plates).
Technology Index:
1.No visible mechanical impurity is allowed inside the powder
2.No remains through screen 80 interval/cm
3.Density: ≤4.0g/cm³
4.Median particle diameter:D50≤3.5μm;D50≤8μm
5.Relative luminosity: 100% of the standard sample
6.Main peak wavelength of the emitting spectrum: 525nm
7.Color coordinate: x=0.230±0.01, y=0.710±0.01

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