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Fluorescent pigment

We offer a range of fluorescent pigments for security, identification, coding, anti-counterfeiting and the other applications. Such as in postage stamps, currency notes, credit cards, lottery tickets, security passes, emergency signs, photoluminescent exit signs and etc. They are also offered for architectural decoration applications, such as in hotels and restaurants, discotheques and night clubs, gymnasiums and other public entertainment places for outstanding visible effects. Details are available on request.


The appearance of these pigments are white or off-white color powder and are changed to visible fluorescent color of yellow, green, orange, red, blue or other colors with UV (ultraviolet) light or IR (infrared) light. They are stable and not noticeable when incorporated into security inks, fibres and papers but immediate identifiable under UV radiation or IR radiation.


As well as the range of standard products listed following we also supply a wide range of other materials. If the material you require does not appear in the following list then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Organic UV visible fluorescent pigment

Use: Stamp ink, printing ink, security printing ink, coating and dyeing


Code No. Appearance  Emission peak (nm)/color  Excitation peak (nm)
JUP-2110 white powder 460±5/blue 365
JUP-2210 light yellow powder 510±5/green 365
JUP-2310 light pink powder 610±5/red 365
JUP-2410 light yellow powder 525±5/yellow green 365
JUP-2460 light yellow powder 540±5/yellow 365

Inorganic UV visible fluorescent pigment

Use: Stamp ink, printing ink, security printing ink, coating and dyeing


Code No. Appearance  Emission peak (nm)/color  Excitation peak (nm)
JUP-P103 white powder 447±5/blue 365
JUP-P107 white powder 450±5/blue 365
JUP-P205 white powder 515±5/green 365
JUP-P200 white powder 525±5/green 254
JUP-P310 white powder 620±5/red 365
JUP-P325 white powder 626±5/red 365

                     *JUP-P200 is special for  paper industry, tagging and identification and  thin-layer chromatography plate (TLC plate).

IR visible fluorescent pigment (Anti-counterfeiting luminescence) * Synonym: Up-conversion phosphor/Up-converting phosphor

Use: They are the luminescent pigments that converts invisible infrared light into different visible color light for various kinds of printing application such as anti-counterfeiting ink and security ink, and will not have any worse effect while mixing with any types of inks. It's can be added in plastic, paper, cloth, ceramic, glass and solution etc.


Code No. Excitation peak Emission color Emission peak Excitation source Ink combinability Temperature resistance
JUP-AS110 980nm Blue 450nm

Laser (1mW)


IR Led (10mW)

No change caused by mixing with various kinds of inks Stable -50°C~1000°C
JUP-AS120 980nm Green 520nm
JUP-AS130 980nm Red 610nm
JUP-AS140 980nm Yellow 535nm

Photoluminescent pigment * Synonym: glow-in-the dark pigment

Use: Screen printing ink for cloth and paper. It's can be added in plastic, ceramic, glass, stone and nail polish etc.


Code No. Appearance  Emission color Average particle size (D50) Initial luminance Afterglow time
JUP-4210 yellowish yellow-green


>16000mcd/m² >12hrs
JUP-4220 yellowish blue-green >4500mcd/m² >11hrs
JUP-4110 yellowish blue >2000mcd/m² >8hrs
JUP-4710 yellowish violet >1300mcd/m² >8hrs

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