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Lamp phosphor

CRT/FED/PDP phosphor

LED phosphor

Fluorescent pigment
UV fluorescent pigment
IR fluorescent pigment
Photoluminescent pigment

Translucent ceramics

PCA tube for HPS lamp
PCA tube for CMH lamp
Arc tube for HPVS lamp
CMH/CDM lamps and LED
CMH/CDM lamps
LED work light
Crystal materials
Materials for scintillation crystal
Scintillation crystals
Materials for optical crystal
Optical crystals
Silymarin series
Carnitine series
Plant growth regulator
 About us

Shenyang Joinunion Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. is previous Chemical Dept. of China Shenyang International Trade Group joined with Chemical Research Institute and Glass Research Institute. After many year's endeavors, we accumulated a wealth of experience and have established supply bases of quality export goods, we invested many plants, such as  phosphor plant, lighting plant, agricultural chemical plant, chemical reagent factory and new energy materials plant. Now we have established direct trading relationship with many commercial establishments in more than 50 countries and territories around the world. Our export business covers various luminophor materials, lighting and their relative components of ceramics  and also chemical techniques etc and import the material of noble and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and the parts of machinery.

We are also making continuous efforts to research and develop new products and new varieties to meet the varied needs of different overseas markets.

We will be very pleased to have negotiation on trade, participate in technical exchange and cooperation in wide range with friend from various countries and regions.

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